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Earth Matters meeting

Join Earth Matters, TU’s environmentalism group, as we tackle sustainable living. Enjoy sustainable snacks, impassioned conversations and movie nights when you join!

Veggie Lunch

Free vegetarian and vegan lunches to encourage students to pursue a more sustainable diet! All lunches for the semester are provided to-go and masks are required for admittance.

Veggie Lunch

Enjoy a free vegetarian lunch at the Little Blue House! Lunches are currently on a to-go basis only, but there is outside seating available. Masks are required to enter. Vegan options will also be available.

Veggie Lunch

Join us for a free (and COVID-19 safe) to-go vegetarian lunch Wednesdays at noon. See what Tulsa restaurants have to offer from more sustainable and healthy food sources. Masks are required for entrance.