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This building houses the College of Law. Renovations were made in 2011 that improved the access, functionality and look of the building.

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Richard B. Risk Practicum CLE Series: featuring Stephen Galoob

How to Make Oklahoma's Women's Incarceration Crisis Disappear (With Nothing Up Our Sleeves) Oklahoma's women's incarceration crisis is complex and...

12/15 12pm

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Law Alumni Reunion


Law Alumni Reunion


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MOHAMMED ALHUSSEINY left a positive review 3/26/2017

It was a great topic and great hospitality!

Mike Moore

Mike Moore left a positive review 2/19/2017

The topic was very informative. Ms. Broad Leib seems very passionate about the subject. I appreciate her mostly nonpolitical approach to the subject. Her insight as to the need to simply "define" the problem makes sense. Looking forward to see what she does in the future. It would be nice to bring her back in a few years for an update


MOHAMMED ALHUSSEINY left a positive review 9/14/2016

It was a great, fair and balanced in opinion lecture.