Zink Hall

This building is home to several departments including English, Continuing Education and Information Technology.

3101 East 7th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-9700

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CSAS Workshop: Goal-Setting and Motivation

Tired of facing unsuccessful goals and a lack of motivation? Learn Effective goal-setting strategies How to commit to your personal goals and dreamsHow to...

9/5 12:10pm
CSAS Workshop: Living a Healthy Lifestyle

This workshop will help you make healthy life choices in college. You will also learn about resources available in the Collins Fitness Center.

9/12 12:10pm
CSAS Workshop: Surviving the College Transition

Freshmen and Transfer Students This workshop is designed to help you discover the difference between high school and college, as well as the differences...

9/19 12:10pm
CSAS Workshop: Study Skills

How can I work more efficiently? Get more sleep? Prepare better for exams? Write papers without pulling all-nighters? If you have ever asked yourself these...

9/28 2:10pm
CSAS Workshop: Dealing with Stress

College students deal with high and low levels of stress every day. Learn how to identify symptoms of stress early and the techniques to reduce stress before...

10/24 12:10pm

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brenda-johnson left a positive review 4/3/2017

Informative. I attended to support husband. He will attend in August. He is excited!