The University of Tulsa Physics Journal Club

The TU Physics Journal Club is a monthly event hosted by Applied Associate Professor of Physics Jerry McCoy. Journal Club meets the second Tuesday of the month and attendees are served pizza, drinks and cookies, free of charge.

McCoy selects two current science articles to review and two individuals to present the articles to the audience. These individuals are typically TU students and occasionally high school students. After the articles are presented, McCoy delves deeper into each one, showing the audience insightful videos to help them better understand the fundamental concepts in each article.

After the presentations, there is a questions and discussion period for audience members.

If there is time, an example of physics in everyday life will be presented by a student.

The TU Physics Journal Club is a great way to expose people of all backgrounds to different types of physics and to current discoveries and breakthroughs in the scientific community. It is also a great way to challenge high school students and help them narrow down what they wish to pursue in college.

Currently, two regular journal club attendees are in the process of creating a website for the TU Physics Journal Club, as well as an Instagram account and a Twitter account. These will be available a few weeks into the upcoming school year.


December 4th, January 15th and April 25th are the only three journal club dates that do not follow the schedule pattern:

- December 4th is the first Tuesday

- January 15th is the third Tuesday 

- April 25th is the fourth Thursday

Unless otherwise noted, club hours and locale remain the same.

Tuesday, October 9 at 6:30pm to 8:45pm

More dates through May 14, 2019

Student Union, Auditorium, Second Floor
3135 East 5th Place, Tulsa, OK 74104

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Lecture/Speaker, Community Engagement, Academic, Presentation


Faculty, Staff, Students, Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Alumni, Prospective Undergraduate Students, Admitted Students, Prospective Graduate Students, University School Families, Parents


College of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Physics and Engineering Physics






Harvard Lot, northwest corner of 8th and Harvard

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Professor Jerome McCoy

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