Friday, April 28

Final Exams

Final Exams - April 27 - 28 and May 1 - 4

The BOOM days:  Prosperity and Pain in Each Barrel of Crude

This exhibit is a glimpse into the life of the oil field worker during the early days of the oil boom in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. The...

Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature

O.I.L will attend a five-day event in downtown Tulsa where we will meet students from other schools to discuss legislation in a moot legislature...

Is Grad School for you?

Are you considering graduate school? Do you have questions about how to choose the degree program for you or how to apply? Swing by our table and ask any...

Friday Noon Lunch

Free lunch and a speaker. Join us every friday at noon for an awesome time.

Tidal Shift: Prints by Art Werger

Art Werger, professor of printmaking from Ohio University, has received more than 250 awards in national and international exhibitions. His prints are...

Women's Bible Study

Women meet and discuss the bible. It is a safe environment and an amazing way to meet new women followers of Christ.

LANBrew's Springtime Smackdown

LANBrew is a LAN gaming club that hosts LAN Parties throughout the semester. Our final event this year is the Springtime Smackdown which will be held in the...

Welch Lecture Series

Catholic and Protestant speakers will be part of a three-day lecture series on the Reformation, the split five centuries ago this year between the Roman...

Gilcrease After Hours: We Dance

See the museum come to life with a colorful expression of dance, drumming, and song by the award-winning powwow dance troupe, the Oklahoma Fancy Dancers....

Friday, April 28