Thursday, April 27

Final Exams

Final Exams - April 27 - 28 and May 1 - 4

The BOOM days:  Prosperity and Pain in Each Barrel of Crude

This exhibit is a glimpse into the life of the oil field worker during the early days of the oil boom in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. The...

Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature

O.I.L will attend a five-day event in downtown Tulsa where we will meet students from other schools to discuss legislation in a moot legislature...

PPDM Data Management Luncheon

Professional Petroleum Data Management Association (PPDM) is hosting a luncheon featuring Prof. Tim Coburn, director of the School of Energy in the Collins...

Tidal Shift: Prints by Art Werger

Art Werger, professor of printmaking from Ohio University, has received more than 250 awards in national and international exhibitions. His prints are...

Wesley Foundation: Free International Lunch

FIL is an open lunch hosted by the International Student Ministries (ISM). It is a great opportunity for international students and American students to meet...


Ask questions about the Bible. Learn the science about the Bible and have your long lasting questions answered.

Public Radio Tulsa's April Give and Take: Education

Education. It is one of the most important and discussed issues in our state. We see it on the ballot, and we see it in the daily headlines. But what...

School of Nursing Open House

The Oxley College of Health Sciences and TU School of Nursing invite you to an open house for an opportunity to learn more about the bachelor of science...

C.S. Lewis Reading Group @ Wesley

Reading and discussing The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis.

Chi Alpha Friendship Feast

Friends, fun and free food every Thursday. Chi Alpha Ministry House 1112 S. Evanston Ave.

Glitterstock 2k17

UCM's annual end-of-year party. There will be food, music, glitter, and drag queens! Co-hosted by UCM, Pride, SGE, HeadStrong, and Earth Matters! Free and...

Thursday, April 27